All along the Watchtower

From the Album 'Live at Colne' 2005

Having been out of the local gigging scene 
for the past couple of years due to other commitments, 
2018 has seen Gerry returning to live performing. 

Dec 1st 2018 an exciting new one man show with Gerry playing acoustic/electric guitars,
custom backing featuring Gerry playing
drums, bass, harmonies etc and video projection.

Gerry Gillard @ The Atlantic Inn, Porthleven, SAt 1st Dec 2018

2018 GIGS

Sat 4th Aug. The Atlantic Inn. Porthleven. 9pm

Sat 20th Oct. The Atlantic Inn. Porthleven. 9pm

Sat  1st Dec. The Atlantic Inn. Porthleven. 9pm NEW ONE MAN SHOW

New Years Eve. The Mariners. Rock. 9pm

Great night! Fab to hear something differently from the usual cheesy stuff!
Christine from Porthleven

Hi Gerry
Just a quick note to say thanks very much from Ros and everyone at Lerryn for a great night out.
People have been coming in to the shop this morning saying how much they enjoyed it.
One lady said she loved the blues stuff, 
another said she wanted to get up and dance to the African number
and one man said he could have closed his eyes and been at sea 
for the sailing number you did at the end .
Hope to see you in the future, 
Malcolm from Leryn